What You Need to Know before going Solar Panels on Your Roof

Here are some things to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels.

  1. Before installing solar, maximize the efficiency of existing systems on the house like insulation, windows, and appliances. Here is how to lower your electricity bill.
  2. Check whether you have a suitable roof? Does your roof need repairs? How much weight can your roof handle? Does it face right direction to sun? Is there any shadow from a nearby tree branch?
  3. Decide how much to invest, how to finance it and what are the incentives open to you. Call some solar contractors to your house and discuss installation options in detail. Solar Installers offer plenty of ways to fund your solar panel investment.
  4. Choose the best type of panel for you that produce the amount of power you need.
  5. Understanding the solar PV system- Grid-Tied or Off-Grid Solar System
    Grid-Tied Solar power systemYour home is directly connected to the electrical grid. You can use solar energy as well as electricity from the grid. The prime advantage of this type of system is that customers sign a net metering contract with the utility company. When the solar panels send excess electricity back out into the grid, you will get credit. And when the system is not producing sufficient power (at night, or on a stormy day), the home can draw power from the utility grid.
    The cost for Grid tied systems are the lower than off-grid system due to having fewer required components.
  6. Off-grid residential system – Your home is completely disconnected from the traditional electric power grid. Without a connection to the utility grid, batteries are used here to store power. There are generally four components in every off grid system:DC power generated by the PV panels is stored in a DC battery bank. A power inverter converts the DC power from the batteries to AC power and you can use this. The charge controller prevents battery bank from overloading.During the summer the extra electricity generated by off-grid solar setup is actually wasted.



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