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Who we are: We at D & R Energy Services, Inc. are an Alternative Energy Systems Developer and Integrator. As such we design, engineer and construct Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, Biogas and Biomass systems for homeowners, farms, municipalities and businesses. Our services do not stop there. We work with, and for, our customers at every stage of the project. As the consumer, you have the right to know what is happening and we will keep you informed. D & R Energy Services is a professional corporation with over 25 years in Alternative Energy. We started in Landfill Gas (Biogas) and have incorporated Solar, Wind and Geothermal into our portfolio to better serve our customers needs. What we do: We listen to our customers. Our goal is what you want in the way of Alternative Energy, not what we want you to have. This approach to customer service sets us apart from many companies who sell Renewable Energy products. We educate our customers.

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